Sunday, March 30, 2014

Burlap Carrot Door Hanger | Tutorial & Templates

What you need: 
-1 yard of burlap  |  I bought two but used less than half
-Deco Mesh  |  I used around 54 inches
-Carrot shape template  |  Download mine HERE
-Letter Stencils  |  Download mine HERE (or download the cameo cut file HERE)
-Orange spray paint  |  I used Krylon Pumpkin Orange
-Acrylic Paint  |  I used white, dark orange, and dark brown
-A Sharpie
-Some green wire
-I also ended up using a little green ribbon to hide all the wire attaching the mesh.

What to do: 
Print the carrot template. It will print on six pages. Cut the template out, lay the pieces on the floor and tape together. Pin the template to the burlap to keep it from scooting around as you trace. Use a dark sharpie to trace the design onto the burlap. Remove the template. Use a few pins to connect the bottom piece of burlap to the top so your pieces will stay lined up as you cut. Cut out your carrot, remove pins, and take outside to spray paint. I used a couple coats. Let this dry completely. In the next step you'll use a sharpie to trace dots and if the spray paint isn't totally dry you'll ruin your marker. 

Once the spray paint is totally dry lay down some parchment paper (newspaper actually works even better) and trace on some dots. I used the bottom of a small paint bottle. I also switched from the black sharpie to a gold one in case the lines showed through the paint a little. Then, since I didn't want the dots to be stark white I mixed in some dark orange until I got a couple shades I liked. I tried the darker first but didn't love it so I went back over with the lighter. After each coat of paint lift the burlap off the paper and reposition a little so it doesn't stick as bad as it dries. It will stick a little but should peel right off.

I used my Cameo to cut the letters on card stock. If you don't have a cutting machine just download the letters above and cut them out by hand. I attached the letters with a little glue dot so I wouldn't move the others around while I was tracing each one. I traced them using the same gold sharpie I used on the dots. Then using a pretty stiff small brush I filled them in with brown paint. 

Next, lay the top and bottom burlap pieces together. If there's a little overhang it can be trimmed off after you glue. Lift up a section at a time and hot glue the pieces together. Get the glue line as close to the edge as possible. The Mod Podge finger protectors are great for this job. You can press the burlap together and if a bit of glue oozes out it won't burn you. Leave a fairly large section open at the top.

Stuff with grocery bags. I used 13. Then glue the last section at the top. And trim it up if needed.

To make the topper, cut three sections of mesh about 18 inches long each. Roll into a log, fold in half, secure with wire. Connect each of the three sections together with more wire. 

Run some wire through each side of the back leaving a small amount as a hook. Curl up the ends of the wire in the front.

Attaching the topper was a little tricky for me. I've never worked with deco mesh so getting it attached was a lot of trial and error. Eventually I got it attached with a combo of wire and hot glue. It wasn't pretty where attached so I used a little green ribbon tied into a bow and hot glued it over top of the wire to cover it up.

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